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May 30, 2016 - May 31, 2017


Lama Lhakpa Yeshe

Lama Lhakpa Yeshe takes guided retreats and teaches meditation, mindfulness, wisdom and compassion worldwide. Anyone who wishes to invite Lama to teach must have pure motivation. This means that the motivation must be for the sole benefit of the people attending, to bring them peace of mind and for the development of compassion and wisdom. In these circumstances, Lama will be very pleased to come and teach.

Motivation is very important; for example, the principle behind the invitation must not be to promote ones own business, or to promote ones own self importance, or only for meeting socially.


Admission charges should not be excessive, and should not be be used for the benefit of any individual, centre or organisation because this would be an abuse of Lama’s spiritual life.

There must be no charge for the teachings as such because then this would become a business transaction which is not compatible with Buddhist principles, however, it is understood that overhead expenses do occur, for example, room rental, food etc.

Other expenses will be Lama’s travelling costs, which are normally met by the generosity of the organisers. If necessary, it is acceptable for these costs to be included in the admission charge.

Lama relies on donations for his living expenses. Organisers are requested to advise those attending an event that a voluntary donation collection will take place for him.


Students must understand that Lama belongs to everyone and he must follow his spiritual path. Students should not seek to control his life. Also, Lama Lhakpa Yeshe’s name or photographs must not be used by individuals on Facebook, or other websites without his permission.


Anyone who wishes to invite Lama to teach please contact Lama by email (LamaLhakpaYeshe@gmail.com) or via Facebook (Lhakpa.Yeshe)





May 30, 2016
May 31, 2017
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